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The symbol that you have clicked denotes an advert which has appeared based on your interests. does not insert adverts for you itself. We offer website providers a technology that enables them to deliver interest-based advertising. achieve this by using general information based on your internet use. As a result, the adverts you see are more relevant to your areas of interest as opposed to random appearance of advertising. Neither nor the website provider is able to make a direct link to you as an individual from this information.

Where can I find more information about Behavioural Targeting?

You can find general information about targeting and cookies at “My Topic Monitor” or on

Where can I find information about the system?

You can find information about

Where can I find information about the privacy policy? handles data from which it is not possible to make a direct link to an individual. has already been awarded several data protection certifications for its targeting product. Find out more about privacy at here: Privacy Policy.

Would you like to know why you are shown adverts in certain interest categories?

In yourThemen-Monitor you can see how your interests are estimated on the basis of your surfing behaviour to date. One aim of interest-based advertising is to make sure that you are not bothered with “unsuitable” adverts, but that you will be shown adverts that might actually be of interest to you.